Why I write

Ryan Yan
1 min readApr 8, 2018

I write to discover the truth. I believe there is too much information out in the world. My homepage is bombarded with dozens of articles telling me how to live my life. This combined with a lack of purpose spurred by resentment towards a wasted childhood? A recipe for disaster. I can feel myself being pulled apart as I glance through the headlines, my already weakened psyche being crushed underfoot by the productivity fiends and the positive-psych gurus.

In a way I suppose my writing this is selfish then — adding to the noise and making it even more difficult for you to hear your own voice which you so desperately need to hear.

Well I do not apologize. I need to get my thoughts straight. I need to push back against the insane tide of groupthink and conformity that keeps me bound to my office chair when my soul is dead and my mind is miles away.

In this world if you are not creating you are consuming. And the thin paste of manufactured thought we are fed to keep us in line is not enough for mind, body, and soul to flourish. So I need to write to fill my own space and find myself in it. And perhaps to find others who inhabit that same strange place.

I suggest you do the same.